Kurios in Greek, means "Lord." The name, at first, meant simply master or owner, but evolved into the official title for the Roman Emperor. As the Hebrew scriptures were translated into Greek, Kurios became the great title by which Jesus came to be known to the early church. To paraphrase the Apostle Paul, "Jesus humbled himself as a man, even to death on a cross, and was then exalted and given a new name to which every knee will bow and confess that Jesus Christ is the Kurios, Lord." (Philippians 2:8-11) This is the all-embracing creed of the Christian—"If we confess with our lips that Jesus Christ is the Kurios, then we will be saved." (Romans 10:9) Our ultimate destiny is to "crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon the throne and hail Him as our matchless King."

      The Chicago Staff Band constantly strives to be what a Chicago newspaperman described many years ago as "the band with a sacred message." From the exhilarating opening chords of Living Power to the closing phrases of "Lead On, O King Eternal" (Lancashire Benediction) and You Are Good!, the musical offerings on this album recapitulate this central message. The trombone solo When I Survey and the hymn setting Jesus Paid It All recall the Passion of Christ. The selection Jehovah Rohi (translated The Lord is MY Shepherd) reminds us of God's hand of guidance over our lives. The festival march Shout Aloud, the Latin feature Júbilo, Júbilo! (Rejoice, Rejoice!) and even the rollicking Western Fantasy - Garments of Praise, all joyfully proclaim that "salvation makes us free." The Sinfonietta - The Dawning, based on Joy Webb's compelling song There Will Be God, affirms the absolute truth of the sovereign power of an eternal God.
  • He is Lord, He is Lord, He is Risen from the dead and He is Lord.
  • Every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.