Soldiers of Uncommon Valor - Softcover
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Soldiers of Uncommon Valor - Softcover

Product Code: 0201117091

The History of Salvationists of African descent in the United States

  • By Warren L. Maye
  • Preface by Daniel N. Diakanwa
  • 344 pages.
  • Foreword by Commissioner Israel L. Gaither, National Commander

Excerpt from the Preface

On July 28, 1896, Booker T. Washington wrote these words in a letter to Major T.C. Marshall: "I am very glad to hear that The Salvation Army is going to undertake work among my people in the Southern States. I have had the greatest respect for the work of The Salvation Army, especially because I have noted that it draws no color line in religion."

The history of "Salvationists of African Descent" (a term used to include black American, Caribbean, and African Salvationists) is a captivating story that needs to be told to future generations. It started when the Army first set foot in America, and it continued to evolve. Blacks were members of the very first "Christian Mission" congregation established in the United States of America by James Jermy and James Fackler in 1872.

My fascination with the history of Salvationists of African descent grew out of The Black Salvationist, a booklet written by Major Norma T Roberts. reading her work aroused my interest in doing further research on Salvationists of African descent as well as in publishing articles on black Salvationists in Good News!, the USA Eastern Territory's monthly newspaper. Some of the published articles were "From Ethnic Committee to Cross—Cultural Ministries Department" (a history of Black Ethnic Committees), October 1994; "McIntyre's 'Blood and Fire' challenge," February 1995; Legacy of Envoy Thomas D. Ferguson," February 1997.

In 1995, I expanded Major Roberts's booklet into a book by adding some information and pictures. The Black Salvationists: People of African Descent in The Salvation Army USA drew much interest among Salvationists of African descent in the United States and the Caribbean. One thousand copies were sold within six months, and more requests flooded the Cross-Cultural Ministries Department.

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