Favorite Band Journals #3

Favorite Band Journals #3

Product Code: 4100202035

  • 7" x 5" booklet
  • 28 Pieces for band performances
By the Cross The Pilgrim's Prayer
Cheerful Strains Constant Trust
Christ my Companion Devoted Service
The Good Shepherd Hallelujah Chorus
Happy Memories Hold Thou my Hand
Break Forth into Joy Joy and Praise
Love Divine (Ave Verum) Lloyd
Memories of the Past Minuet from Samson
O Rest in the Lord On Service Oversears
Perfect Trust The Pilgrim Way
Questions for Sinners Rockingham
St. Oswald The Salvation Army Patrol
Songs of Happiness Sound out the Proclamation
Waiting, Pleading, Knocking A Warning Message
The Warrior's Reward

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