Broken Alabaster Jars

Broken Alabaster Jars

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This compelling and insightful book portrays the lives of women in ministry and leadership throughout Church history.

Each historical woman is paralleled with modern-day Salvationist whose life and ministry continue the witness of service to others. All are introduced through lively and insightful "conversations," which lift them off the pages and into the reader's world, bringing with them their experiences of hope, grace, faith, love, courage, and more.

Historical women include:

Salvation Army women include:

The Samaritan Woman
Hildegard von Bingen
Katherine von Bora
Anne Steele
Evagelist Honor Burrell
Amy Carmichael
Henrietta Mears

Catherine Booth
Envoy Shirley Lindstrom Kerestesi
Lt. Colonel Virginia Talmadge
Brigadier Eva Bawden
Jude Gotrich
Major Betty Baker
Lt. Colonel Maud Sullivan
Brigadier Alice Stiles
Brigadier Mina Russell

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