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They Gave Their Lives

Product Code: 0201117105

  • By Alan Bateman
  • 84 pages.
  • Published 2008, Salvation Books
They Gave Their Lives tells the stories of 12 Salvationists who died for their faith.  Says General Shaw Clifton, World Leader of The Salvation Army: 'It was the untimely, brutal death of Colonel Bo Brekke in Pakistan in 2007 that triggered the concept for a book that would tell the stories of Salvationists who had violently lost their lives in active service for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The 12 lives selected for this book serve to inspire us all.   Lieut-Colonel Alan Bateman gives us a calm series of narratives, avoiding the traps of sensationalism or overstatement.  He writes with warmth, gratitude and deep respect for each fallen colleague.  Here is poignancy, tragedy—sufficient to move even the hardest heart.  So let these straightforward chapters stand as fitting memorials to ordinary men and women made extraordinary by the grace of God as they responded to the call of Christ.  Let their example spur us on to deeper fidelity to the Saviour and to more urgent intensity to make the most of every moment that we are spared to live for him.'

The author writes: 'Who knows what the future holds?  It is possible that in Europe the increasingly marginalized Church may have a fierce battle ahead in the 21st century.  This is likely to be a war of ideology, arising out of an increasingly pluralist society, with religion as one of several core conflicts.  Could it be that, with such a prospect, each reader of this book needs to examine the depth of his or her personal faith?  The stories in this book show us how God uses ordinary but courageous people to inspire us.
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