William Booth in America

William Booth in America

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Six Visits 1886-1907

William Booth in America chronicles six travels of the founder of The Salvation Army as he crossed the United States to inspire Salvationists, secular and religious leaders and millions of ordinary people.  Prior to the advent of airplanes, he crossed the Atlantic by ship and logged tens of thousands of miles aboard the new transcontinental railroad.  Nothing could deter him from his divine calling to spread the gospel, further the mission of The Salvation Army, and restore wholeness to a divided organization.

William Booth's arduous schedule, often including three 90-minute speaking engagements daily, rivals the tightly packed agenda of any candidate running for public office today.  He socialized with rich and powerful magnates, met with leading government officials, and garnered financial support from philanthropists and other wealthy socialites.  In a young country that was expanding westward on its way to becoming a world power, his vision, drive and optimism struck a visceral chord.

The general's growing popularity won him audiences with President Theodore Roosevelt and allies in the U.S. Congress.  He toured the South, opened the Senate with prayer, promoted his Darkest England scheme and introduced plans for a global university of humanity.  Because of his spirit-infused evangelism, thousands of people were moved to believe in the gospel.  America's view of the Army evolved from extreme wariness to guarded acceptance, and finally to open adulation.

R. Gordon Moyles is a Professor Emeritus at The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.  He was born in Newfoundland educated there and at the University of London, England.  He was written nearly thirty books, including Exploring Salvation Army History (2009), I Knew William Booth (2007) and Come Join Our Army (2007).  Dr. Moyles is a member of The Salvation Army and lives in retirement in Edmonton with his wife, Ada.

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