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American Festival Series Special Edition #5 American Celebration

Product Code: 410009005

American Festival Series - Special Edition #5

Music By William Himes
Brian Bowen, editor

Note to the Conductor
As with our other "young artists" pieces of this nature (such as CLASSICS IN BRASS) this setting can feature as many soloists as feasible - in just about any octave! However, one will need to keep in mind the ratio of soloists to band when balancing the accompaniment in order for those featured to be easily heard.

In general, it is wise to reduce accompaniment to one or two on each part when soloists are playing. The purpose of this piece is to encourage a beginning player's early efforts by providing an experience with as few technical demands as possible while providing an exciting accompaniment.

Conductors will note that although the accompaniment includes one key change, this is not shown in the soloist parts. This is achieved with added accidentals rather than a new key signature.

Score Format
This piece is scored in a modified ensemble format making it possible to accompany soloists with as few as five, taking care to observe cues and optional divisi directives. The Euphonium part (V) is essential.

A simplified snare drum part is included for young percussionists to participate with the other "soloists."

Instrumentation: (optional transpositions in parenthesis)
Full Score
Soloists: Bb, Eb, C (treble and bass clef)
Optional Student Percussion
Part I optional Eb Soprano Cornet
Part I Bb Cornet (C)
Part II Bb Cornet/Eb Horn (F Horn)
Part III Bb Baritone/Trombone, Eb Horn (F Horn & Bass Clef)
Part IV optional Bass Trombone
Part V Euphonium (Bass Clef)
Part IV Eb Tuba
Part IV Bb Tuba (Bass Clef)
Percussion I Timpani
Percussion II Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Triangle
(Percussion parts, while optional, will greatly enhance performance.)
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