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JSC Cairo Red Shield

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During World War II, Salvation Army servicemen serving in Cairo formed a 'Red Shield Club', with ab and as one of its elements. Deputy Bandmaster Raikes, of Norland Castle, who for some time was in charge of the Cairo band, wrote this march in memory of this wartime combination and the enthusiasts who were at one time or another members of it.

Although presenting a somewhat florid appearance, the music is not too difficult, and in the hands of averages players, will soon take shape.

Introduction — Apart from upper cornets and euphonium, which have the melody, all is fairly straightforward, the chief feature being the drastic dynamic changes and an abundance of accents. The florid melodic outlines is not entirely unfamiliar, and therefore will not cause much trouble.

Section A — The full band is employed throughout this section, and every effort must be made to keep the players well in hand, particularly in the piano passages. Do not exaggerate the dynamics; otherwise the playing will become rough.

Section B — Instead of the usual second subject, the bass solo appears, and where will be seen figures previously used in the first subject. A clean use of the tongue is demanded in the 'trumpeting', also a correct balance of parts. With the repeat of this subject, the first part of the march concludes.

Section C — Without introduction we plunge straight into the trio, where the tune Pilgrims is treated. To 1st baritone and euphonium is allotted the melody except for a few bars, and a smooth-flowing style of playing must be the aim. In the accompaniment provided there will be a tendency to 'peck' the triplet quaver figures; avoid this at all costs, for it is an accompaniment to a song, and therefore the playing must be vocal in style.

Section D — Much of the music in this episode is on familiar lines, and features fanfare work for the cornet family. Adopt a bravura style of playing and aim for brilliance.

Section E — Now follows a full-band arrangement of the tune Pilgrims, in which a running bass is featured. Keep everything clean, and see that the bass part does not sound lumbering and ungainly. Make every attempt to get down to piano in bars 100-103, and later strive to obtain and effective crescendo leading into the final phase of the tune. With the usual D.C. the march concludes. (view series guide)
Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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