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Essentials of Christian Experience

Product Code: 9780854128389

  • Frederick Coutts
  • 120 pages.
  • Published 1969, Fourth Edition Printed 2011
This pocket-sized book is a further addition to the series featuring classic Salvationist texts. The aim is to help a new generation of readers become familiar with great writing published by The Salvation Army throughout the past century-and-a-half.

Of these writings, General Linda Bond, world leader of the Salvation Army, says: 'Readers need to hear from our godly Salvationists from the past who lived out their faith and wrote about it with conviction and humility.'

Originally published in 1969 and followed by two further editions, Essentials of Christian Experience permits the 21st century reader an insight into the thoughts which General Coutts shared with many thousands of people in a variety of locations and situations during his ministry.

  • Take my soul and body's powers
  • Take my memory, mind and will,
  • All my goods and all my hours,
  • All I know and all I feel,
  • All I think or speak or do…
To quote from chapter six:

'This is what holy living means – the dedication of as much as I possess to as much as I know of the will of God for me, and far from this total response cramping any man's style, it ennobles him who makes it and glorifies the God whose service is always perfect freedom.'
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