Contentment Devotional and Topical Poems
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Contentment Devotional and Topical Poems

Product Code: 9781911149262

  • By Keith Banks
  • Illustrations by Lucille L. Turfrey
  • 63 pages.
  • Published 2016, Salvation Books


My Mother loved poetry. I have memories of her scribbling short poems on paper bags, sugar packets and on the back of bus tickets. By her own admission, she never wrote anything that could be categorized as impressive. Even so, she derived endless pleasure from perfecting her art. I seem to recall that most of her verses had humorous twist to them. Her playful writings impressed me and I remember laughing with her about the things she had written.

It wasn't until I was well into my thirties that I started to do the same. My verses were far less amusing than hers. I had an inclination to write more seriously, through I have no doubt that the desire to do this sprang from the love of crafting words that my mother gave to me.

This book contains a selection of devotional and topical poems written over a number of years, many born out of deeply personal circumstances. I hope that the devotional poems will be a source of spiritual strength to many readers. Maybe one or two will speak directly to a reader's personal and current situation. As for the topical poems — just enjoy!

Read slowly, read prayerfully where that is appropriate, and be content.

Keith Banks

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