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American Band Journal #48 (212-214)

Product Code: 4100402094

Band Music for Evangelism
Edited by Brian Bowen

Since September 11, 2001 people have been examining their belief structure and trying to find a perspective that will offer peace of mind and some comfort to combat the hatred that is rampant in the world today.

This issue of the American Band Journal wil be useful in both reflective and encouraging ways. Dorothy Gates' arrangement of America the Beautiful was inspired by 9/11 and is highly reflective. Stanley Ditmer's Battle Cry of Freedom represents the ideal of the struggle for freedom. March Patriotica, by Stephen Bulla, is lively and full of hope for today and the future.

We are grateful to each of the composers for their contribution to the American Band Journal.

Ronald Waiksnoris
Territorial Music Secretary

# Genre Title Composer/arranger Preview
212.   America the Beautiful Samuel Augustus Ward, arr. Dorothy Gates Score
213. Battle Cry of Freedom Stanley Ditmer Score
214. March Patriotica Stephen Bulla Score
Instrumentation & Adaption
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