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JSC Rejoice, The Lord Is King

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Comments by Kenneth Downie

The title is the first line of Charles Wesley's great hymn, which is set to Handel's majestic tune Gospal (T.B. 223), from which the music is derived. The opening section pays homage to Handel's anthem Zadok the priest and is built in two phrases of the theme. A massive climax is reached at letter C with the first bold statement; Rejoice, the Lord is King!

The più mosso at letter D is developed from the final phrase and needs to bristle with energy. At 126, the Horns and Trombones should aim for a chorale-style breadth above the running quavers in the rest of the band.

At letter K we move into a reflective cantabile passage giving scope for expressive solo playing from the Cornet and Euphonium as well as fluid accompaniment figures from the band.

Letter M sees the commencement of the 'battle', the music referring to Wesley's Words:
  • He all his foes shall quell,
  • Shall all our sins destroy,
and attempts to conjure an apocalyptic atmosphere.

At T, Handel's tune finally appears in full, in a triumphant setting, before a robust coda brings the work to a conclusion.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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