Triumph of Faith

Triumph of Faith

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The author of this tenderly written life-story, Lieut.-Commissioner A. R. Wiggins, was Editor-in-Chief at International Headquarters when he prepared this manuscript, but he was a young officer on Divisional Headquarters in Newcastle upon Tyne when Marshall met with his accident, and it is over sixty years now since he wrote words for a Marshall melody.

Lieut.-Commissioner Wiggins became an officer from Harlesden in 1915, and served in corps, divisional and I.H.Q. appointments before becoming Editor-in-Chief of the Army's appointments before becoming Editor-in-Chief of the Army's publications in Australia.  His books include biographies of Richard Slater and Theodore Hopkins Kitching.

Of the seventeen songs of varied character he wrote in collaboration with the Bandmaster, his favourite is probably the much-loved 'Jesus Himself drew near'.  The words of the last song to contain their joint efforts were written after the death of Bandmaster and tell the story of his life to music he himself had composed a quarter of a century earlier.

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