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My Life is a Fairy Tale

Product Code: 0201116038

The Story of Hans Christian Andersen

  • By Kaare Westergaard
  • 89 pages.
  • Published 1986, The Salvation Army
Hans Christian Andersen was a masterly storyteller. His vivid imagination and childlike wonder; his humanity and simple goodness; his love of creation and all things beautiful; his sensitivity and compassion; his personal frustration and unhappiness; all combine—with just a little touch of vanity for good measure!-to add hidden depths and meaning to his immortal tales.

In this biography, Kaare Westgaard, a fellow Dane, shows how the life of Hans Christian Andersen is 'mirrored in his stories, so that to know them is to know him'. The author was well known as a teller of Andersen stories and shared his gift for making communication allowed the stories to speak for themselves.

So, in the words of that other master storyteller, the One who walked the shores of Galilee 2,000 years ago, 'He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.'
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