The Salvation Army in Korea

The Salvation Army in Korea

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What a privilege it is for me to introduce to you this informative book about The Salvation Army in the Korean Territory, written by Commissioner Peter H. Chang. The Commissioner, the son of Territorial leaders himself, was born and raised in the country; and continues to keep a strong link and interest in the Territory. As well as serving as the Chief Secretary of the Korean Territory from 1984 through 1986, the Commissioner later served as the 18th Territorial Commander, from March 1991 through until taking up his appointment in the USA Western Territory as the Territorial Commander there in September 1994. He is a good friend of the Korea Territory. Even in retirement, he continues to help us by keeping an active interest and especially, with the establishment of the Manyoung Scholarship, by helping with its maintenance and being involved in the regular distribution of bursaries to needy students.

This is a landmark writing in itself too, being the first ever book of an historic nature being published by the Territory completely in the English language. It is quite an achievement for us! As you read through its pages, you will realize this is not an official objective account of the day-by-day development of the Territory but, rather, as the writer himself claims, provides information in a story-telling style from the commissioner's own perspective, for the benefit of overseas comrades who may as yet know very little about the Korea Territory. SO this volume also includes a personal glimpse into the lives of so many who helped shape and form what the Territory is today. What a debt we owe them all!

In October next year ~ 2008 ~ the Korea Territory will be celebrating its centenary of service and ministry in the Korean peninsula. May this book serve to let you know about us and, as you learn of our development, do join with us in prayer, thanking our good Lord for all that has been achieved for His Glory down through the years; with praise to His name for all that is yet to be accomplished for the extension of His Kingdom here.

Thank you for your interest and support. May God bless you.
Commissioner Chun, Kwang-pyo
Territorial Commander

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