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No Continuing City

Product Code: 0201116055

Reflections on the life of a Salvation Army Officer

  • By Frederick Coutts
  • 156 pages.
  • Published 1976, The Salvation Army
'As long as there are broken homes and chronic alcoholics, compulsive gamblers and panders who prey upon human weakness, children who are socially deprived and adults who are socially inadequate, rebellious adolescents and lonely pensioners, the young who at heart fear life and the old who are afraid of death, so long will there be needed men and women who are willing to pay the price of caring. In face of these incontrovertible facts let no one anticipate, much less welcome, the demise of any compassionate community. There are none too many of them as it is and, to put it mildly, The Salvation Army might be missed. For my part, I am well content to soldier on in this Christian regiment because here there is no continuing city. We seek one whose builder and maker is God.'
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