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JSC Lloyd

Product Code: 4102000088

Comments by Lieut.-Colonel Bramwell Coles

The first presentation of the theme can be used for the purpose of accompanying congregational singing. At Section A the second presentation of the tune appears in the key of the dominant, the melody being given throughout to Solo Horn, with First Horn, First Trombone, Soprano and Flugel reinforcing the melody in the various phrases. Incidentally, see that the players do not break these phrases; it should be possible to take the four bars in one breath quiet easily. Take due care of the light and shade which should be delicately applied. In the last bar the music gathers strength as we pass back into the original key for the last verse; pay particular attention to the part allotted to Second Baritone and Euphonium which needs to be slightly stressed. For the last appearance of the tune at Section B the full Band is used, apart from the third phrase which is given solo by Solo Cornet with a light accompaniment above a bass pedal. Notice the rit. operating from the end of the eleventh bar and also the short swell effect on the fourth beat of the fourteenth bar.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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