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In the Service of God

Product Code: 0200993006

  • By Latrude A. Wilson
  • 63 pages.
  • Published 1980, Carlton Press

Latrude A. Wilson was born in Hanover Cave Valley, Jamaica, West Indies. While still a young girl, the author gave her life over to the service of God. She became a teacher and married her husband and together they devoted their lives to The Salvation Army, where they rose to the rank of Brigadier serving both in the United States and abroad. Now retired, Mrs. Wilson and her husband live in Maryland.

IN THE SERVICE OF GOD was written at the urgings of friends and relatives to provide incentive and inspiration to young Christians, and this is most surely does. This autobiographical work is Mrs. Wilson's first published book.

In the Service of God, is the inspirational, elevating account of the author's life of devotion, faith and service, a life of intimate association with The Salvation Army.

Mrs. Wilson poignantly described numerous acts of mercy performed by The Army — helping the homeless and destitute, making provisions for pregnant women unable to get proper care on their own, providing camp programs for underprivileged children and many more; she also gives us a brief history of The Army, itself. Mrs. Wilson displays a talent for bringing alive, through the written word, the suffering of persons caught in the grip of adversity and despair, and delivered therefrom by what is surely one of the mainstays of God's mercy as revealed on earth, The Salvation Army.

But these descriptions and accounts take second place to the revelations about the author, herself. Mrs. Wilson is one of those remarkable human beings whose strength, integrity, fortitude and faith raise her out of the ordinary and make her a model to be emulated, a person with the ability to renew our faith in the basic goodness of people.

Read this autobiography and you will certainly benefit by even a second-hand exposure to a woman whose life might best be characterized by the word saintly.
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