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First Things First - Let's Play Bb edition

Product Code: 38283

Elementary Course Bb Edition

A progressive tutor book for brass instruments
  • Includes audio CD with backing tracks so students can hear the notes they are learning to play in each lesson


For some time now, the Music Ministries Unit has been looking to provide a resource to facilitate the teaching of our beginner brass musicians. We have been fortunate enough to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of Bandsman Keith Watts, who has over 40 years' experience of brass teaching, both within The Salvation Army at Birmingham Citadel and as a music educator with Sandwell Music Service. The Music Ministries Unit is indebted to Keith for his work in preparing an excellent resource that we feel will benefit the Territory and beyond for years to come.


Let's Play(Elementary Course) provides an exciting and challenging early introduction to brass playing. Intentionally, using just the fist 5 notes (C-G), the course allows and encourages the important early development of a brass player's most vital commodity, the lips!

Let's Play
Elementary Course

Our aim over the next weeks, months and hopefully years is to enjoy ourselves making music.
In this book we will:
  • learn how to hold the instrument and how to breath properly!
  • learn how to buzz our lips and to use our tongue to start our notes.
  • meet lots of well known tunes, but using just 5 notes, (C, D, E, F & G).
  • learn many of the rhythm patterns possible in 4/4 time.
  • improve our listening skills as we play along with the CD backing tracks.
As you progress through the lessons you will be encourages to perform, perhaps to mums, dads or friends. And at some stage it would be great for the Bandleader to hear you play.
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