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JSC At The Edge Of Time

Product Code: 4102001041

This work was commissioned for the Camberwell Citadel Salvation Army Band's 1982 tour of the USA, Great Britain and Europe. The title relates to Jesus' promise that he will return as Lord and King eternal. Christians, in faith, await this Second Coming and their faith is reflected in the strong tune of the first movement. The featured tuned is that of St Magnus with which the words associated are 'The Lord will come and not be slow.'

The central movement is tender and features a cornet theme over a horn ostinato and muted trombone chords. The tune featured at 154 is When he cometh. The second verse of the children's hymn linked with that tune begins 'He will gather, he will gather the gems for his Kingdom' which will shine 'like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning.'

The final movement of the work is a vigorous scherzo. At bar 263, the tune Zulu Air is featured with which we sing the words 'Never fades the name of Jesus, Nor is dimmed by passing time. Jesus' name is everlasting....' There is a confession at bar 311 with the tune of Turner ('We have not loved thee as we ought.'). There is a restatement of St Magnus at 398 before the music dissolves into a quiet epilogue and then builds to a dynamic conclusion.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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