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Timbrel Manual

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Statement of Purpose

The Founder is said to have remarked, "If standing on my head and beating a tambourine with my toes will win a soul for Jesus, I will do it." Whether he did is not recorded but it is a fact that the timbrel has become and integral of the Army's ministry for many, many years. Whether in attracting people to the Open-Air or accompanying singing in the indoor meetings, its usefulness can not be denied.

There is no smarter sight in the whole of the Army's ranks than that of an immaculately groomed timbrel brigade with smiling faces.

This manual has been prepared especially for use in music camps principally from material supplied by Violet Witmond Brown. It is the distilled wisdom of many years of practical experience. The help of Margaret Arnold and Dianne Hogan is also gratefully acknowledged.

Properly used, the manual will insure that the young timbrelist is throughly grounded in the art of playing and presentation.

A feature is the folio of original drills to well-known marches which will serve as the basis for an excellent library.
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