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JSC Euphony

Product Code: 4102001093

Comments by Derick Kane

Written for Wilf Mountain in 1978, Euphony (meaning 'a pleasant, sweet sound) is based on the tunes of Sidney E. Cox Material is taken from the songs He found me, This one thing I know, You can tell out the sweet story and Deep and wide.

Colonel Redhead remarked at the time of writing that "The euphonium is often associated with melodies and harmonies that lend themselves to pleasing sounds' and that the instrument, through these melodies, should create a 'euphony'.

There are, however, also considerable technical challenges for the soloist in terms of range and technique, i.e. a disciplined tempo at section A, a smooth transition into letter F, stamina required through K, L and N, and measured rhythmic figures throughout the final.

For the band, too, there are plenty of trademark 'Redhead' problems to deal with in the accompaniment. In particular, sections J and O are critical, both setting up the forthcoming material, the latter establishing the 7/8 tempo.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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