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JSC Quintessence

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The piece was written for the Melbourne Staff Band's visit to the 1978 Salvation Army International Congress which was held in London, England. The music expresses the quintessence of Australian Salvationism:
The opening consists of an original theme, which seek to convey the immensity of the Australian continent.

The second section, beginning at bar 31, is based on the tune Advance Australia Fair. The first line of the words associated with the tune is 'Australians all let us rejoice' and this part of the music is exploring the character of the Australian people.

The theme Glory, glory, glory hallelujah! from the song The Christian Mission is featured beginning at bar 42. It is followed by variations symbolizing the fragmentary growth of the Christian Mission (which later became The Salvation Army) from its commencement in the city by two individuals (bar 52) and its spread through the countryside to the outback (bar 91). The outback is also depicted by The sheepshearer's song which is known to us as the tune Ring the bell, watchman. The variations of this section culminate in the illustration of the nation-wide establishment of The Salvation Army.

A meditative setting of the chorus At thy feet I bow adoring begins at bar 151. The tune, which was written by two Australians, is used to portray the combination of the three former elements in humble adoration of their Creator.

The final section (at bar 181) is a development of the previous themes bringing the work to its climatic conclusion.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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