American Women In World War I
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American Women In World War I

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They Also Served

  • By Lettie Gavin
  • 295 pages.
  • Published 1997, University Press of Colorado
The role of women in the military has been a heated topic of debate since the early part of the century. During World War I, the U.S. shipped hundreds of thousands of men overseas for military duty, leaving vacancies at home that women were eager to fill. Unlike many European countries, who quickly recognized the wisdom of utilizing their women-power, the U.S. military was reluctant to accept the services of women, despite the pressing need. The U.S. Navy was the exception, recruiting 11,000 women as yeoman over the course of the war, followed by the Marine Corps, who opened enrollment for women in 1918. By war's end, over forty thousand women had proudly served their country in relief and military duty in the Navy, Marines, Signal Corps, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Army nurses, Reconstruction Aides, women of the YMCA, and as women physicians.

American Women in World War I provides the first comprehensive overview of women's role in the World War I war effort. Through personal interviews, and excerpts from diaries, letters, and memoirs, the author relates poignant stories of wartime experiences and provides a unique perspective on the progress of women in military service. Devoting one chapter to each of the nine areas of service, the author interweaves richly detailed personal stories with historical photos and background to create a lively account that captures the heart and spirit of the times.

This thoroughly researched volume makes a significant contribution to the World War I record and serves to document the beginning of a new era in women's history. American Women in World War I will be of special interest to military, women's and social historians.

Lettie Gavin is a retired award-winning writer and editor ad the Seattle Post Intelligencer. She lives in Seattle, Washington. American Women in World War I is her first book.

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