Occupied Manger - Unoccupied Tomb

Occupied Manger - Unoccupied Tomb

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Birth for a human being springs from the wish or will of one's progenitors; and death, defined in the simplest of terms, is the inevitable cessation of life. Between this alpha and omega lies the human career whose beginning is beyond the individual's control and whose end cannot be precisely predicted.

In all of history there has been only one exception—Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His brief life among men began when He left the womb of a virgin, and unnatural happening unmatched in the annals of human experience. At the end of His stay on earth he offered His life sacrificially in order to purchase salvation for mankind. While human death resulted, His life did no cease.

The singular birth and deathless death of Christ are the subjects of reflection in the meditation that comprise this volume.

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