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Holiness Revealed

Product Code: 9781632570567

Thirty Days of Deeper Devotion Series
A Devotional Study in Hebrews

  • By Amy Reardon
  • 238 pages.
  • Published 2015
Come and See Holiness —
In the Flesh

In this accessible study of the New Testament epistle of Hebrews, Amy Reardon pulls back the curtain of ancient Jewish culture and tradition, allowing us to come face-to-face with the God-man, Jesus Christ. "When God gives us a glimpse of who he is, we don't want to miss it," she says.

Hebrews is not light reading for beginners, neither is it only understandable to scholars. Rather, it is written for regular Christian disciples who are willing to seek a deeper understanding and deeper love for Christ.

Ideal for group Bible studies or individual devotion, Reardon's personal approach engagingly unpacks some of the most challenging Scripture. Through her daily-devotional-paced writing, disciples of all levels are invited to enter into the depths of God's holy design for their souls.
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