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Surveying the Scriptures

Product Code: 0201115028

Surveying the Scriptures helps us to capture the Divine Perspective of God's Word.

Commissioner Hoggard suggests that one of the chief reasons for misunderstanding the Bible is failure to view it as a whole.  By standing back, so to speak, as when viewing the work of a master artist, in that grand perspective mystery and miracle, poetry and parable, history and biography fall into proper place, and there emerges the most amazing drama ever presented to the mind of man.

In this small volume this drama stretches from eternity to eternity, making all history its stage, and embraces in its action God and all humanity.

We commend this book to you for personal use, to Bible teachers and students, both young and experienced in delving in God's Word.

Other Bible studies from the same publisher include Tabernacle Types and Teachings and The Priesthood Old and New, both by Lt. Colonel Edward Laity.  All would be available from Christian Book Stores and the Salvation Army Supplies.
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