When the Gates Were Opened

When the Gates Were Opened

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Brigadier Josef Korbel was born in 1907 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.  He studied art and became a textile designer.  The Salvation Army had opened its work in Prague in 1920, and was still very much misunderstood when Josef first heard the Salvationist preaching and singing in the streets.  Although his family was indifferent to religion, the message preached by the Army gripped his heart, and he soon accepted Christ as his personal Savior.  A year later he was in the Training College and soon was an Officer.

Captain and Mrs. Korbel were married in 1933 and sever together for more than 20 years in corps appointments in Czechoslovakia.  Mrs. Korbel was the daughter of Salvation Army Officer parents, and had trained in the international Training College in London, England.

These first two decades of Officership were followed by a changeover in the government, resulting in the liquidation of Army activities, and Major Korbel's arrest and imprisonment for ten dark years in a communist prison.  Despite severe punishment and constant threats of death, the Major continued his Christian witness.  Mrs. Korbel found employment as a nurse in Prague, to support herself and their three children in those difficult years.  All this is described in Brigadier Josef Korbel's first book "In my Enemy's Camp."  It is a heart gripping story.

The imprisonment of an elder son, and the death of the youngest compounded the agony.  Released from prison in 1959, leaving Czechoslovakia in 1968, and coming to the USA in 1971, the Korbel's have brought blessing and inspiration to countless thousands.  They are now speaking to churches, schools and organizations.

This second book is a continuation of the first one.

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