Piano Tune Book (Spiral Bound) Vol.1 Scores 1-530

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2015 Tune Book
Of the Salvation Army
  • Vol.1 Scores 1-530
  • Hardcover Blue with Gold Lettering

The Instrumental Arrangements

THE general harmonic format is in four parts wherever possible. The parts are allocated as follows:
SOPRANO  Solo and 1st Cornet Bb, and Part I in C
ALTO           2nd Cornet Bb, Solo and 1st Horn Eb, and Part II in F
TENOR       2nd Horn Eb, Part III in F, Baritone Bb*, and Part III in C

* There is no division between Baritones into 1st and 2nd, the parts being combined in one book, mainly in unison.
Euphonium/Part V in C is a non-essential part; the melody line is always included. Soprano Eb, Flugel horn Bb, 1st and 2nd Trombone Bb, Bass Trombone and percussion parts are additional, again non-essential, coloring parts.
   Introductions are indicated by the use of a square bracket underneath the corresponding phrase, if a written introduction is not included. Bracketed rests within the introductions indicate exactly where and how the introduction should start. Where a separate introduction is given, a D.C. at the end of the tune indicates the need to return to the beginning of the introduction for each verse.
Otherwise follow the directions as indicated (repeat bars and Dal Segno).
   For the first time, instrumental accompaniment is provided for every song and chorus. This adds a responsibility to users to choose carefully which form of accompaniment is best suited to a particular song or to the situation where it is to be used.

International Headquarters of the Salvation Army, London

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