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JSC The Red Shield

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Comments by Eric Ball

This march is so named after the Naval and Military League, and has reference to the badge of that branch of Army activities. The composer H.C. Goffin, is from New Zealand.

The introduction is brilliant and forceful. The semiquaver scalic figures for Basses call for some comments, and the inner rhythmic figures should be well developed. Guard against overblowing in this section.

At letter A the main theme calls for facility in tongue and finger action. There is plenty of variety of effect and the contrast between the piano and fortissimo passages should be specially noted.

Section B is a little different in style. Syncopation is a feature of the upper melody, and this should be rendered in a bright, tripping manner. The main theme here is, of course, the well-known Salvation Army chorus, 'Thou art a mighty Saviour', the rhythm of which has necessarily been changed for marching purposes. Keep this tune prominent throughout.

The Trio main theme is given to the 1st Baritone and Euphonium. The accompaniments are quite simple, and the second time the Soprano and Solo Cornets have some interesting three-part work. This must not be allowed to overshadow the principal theme.

Trumpet-like figures are a feature of the Trio Episode. Care must be taken regarding intonation in connection with the rather radical key-change between bars four and give. The extended scalic passages throughout the Band in the last four bars will be excellent if well done.

This march will prove of service for either street or concert use.

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Produced by The Salvation Army, SP&S, UK
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