Hallelujah Choruses #18 (191-200) Performance CD

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HC Series Guide

# Title Composer/arr. Length Audio Sample
191 Be Thou My Vision Traditional Irish, arr. William Himes           2.37
192 Somebody Prayed for Me Words: Claire Cloninger, Music: Robert Sterling, arr. Harold Burgmayer           3.58
193 Soldier's Hymn Phil Laeger and Marty Mikles, arr. William Himes           4.23
194 Every Nation Under Heaven Leonard Ballantine           3.22
195 Hear our Praises Reuben Morgan, arr. Martyn Scott Thomas           3.17
196 Take My Life and Let it Be/I Am Yours Words: Frances Ridley Havergal and Michael Neale, Music: Louis J.F. Herold and Michael Neale, arr. Glenn Welch           3.53
197 A Mighty Fortress Martin Luther, trans. Frederick H. Hedge, Chorus: Phil Laeger, arr. William Himes           5.25
198 In Jesus' Name Randy Vader, arr. Andrew Mackereth           2.19
199 I Stand in Awe Jachin Mullen, arr. Gerry Shoults           3.05
200 You Are all Around Words: Psalm 139:5, Music: Hans-Lennart Raask, arr. Andrew Mackereth           2.30

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