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JSC Shining

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Comments by Dr Kenneth Downie

The title comes from the fact that the songs used in the piece focus on the need for Christians to shine in a dark world. While the songs may be associated with young people, the need to witness is urgent for Christians of all ages.

Much of the music has a bright and sparkly character, deriving from the bubbly nature of my melody A Sunbeam, published in 1966, which begins as a Flugel solo at section A. The second theme comes at section E, with a presentation of the tune Sawley, associated with the words God make my life a little light within the world to glow (S.A.S.B. 644).

The vigoroso section, from F, plays around with fragments of the first theme, often in inversion. There is an edginess to the music, suggesting that witnessing our Christian faith is often far from easy. There is also menace mixed in with the high spirits. Careful attention should be paid to the variation in dynamics between parts (e.g. Bass Trombone in bars 104-106).

Moments of tenderness emerge, before the high-spirited mood returns at section L. Make sure that the quiet reference from Bass Trombone in bar 213 to the original tune to Jesus wants me for a sunbeam makes its mark.

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