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Shine as the Light - Triumphonic Collection

Product Code: 0906101

Peter Graham

In Memory of Captain Al Honsberger

Program Note

Shine as the Light follows traditional Salvaiton Army band music principles in its programmatic or story telling outline.

In essence, the music depicts a journey from darkness to light, expanding on the theme of Joy Webb's song, The Candle of the Lord, which lies at the larger work's core. Webb's song provides both the textual and thematic basis; in particular, the falling figure (a minor 3rd) with which the son's chorus concludes, "Light me" is utilized at key points in the music.

The extended climax of Shine as the Light commences with a section of aleatory (i.e. random) music where cornets and bells literally picture-paint Webb's evocative line, "a myriad of tiny flames expanding to a whole". Underpinning this free section is the phrase "light me", repeated three times in the lower brass with ever increasing intensity. The phrase metamorphosizes into Chick Yuill's majestic praise song with which the work concludes: "no more we walk in darkness, the light has come".

The music is dedicated to the memory of my friend and colleague Captain Al Honsberger.
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